An Insiders Guide to Mattress Shopping


Insiders Guide Mattress ShoppingAn Insiders Guide to Mattress Shopping

My name is Dennis Gensic, owner and founder of Bedland Mattress and Furniture. I have spent the past 38 years, (my entire adult life), helping people accomplish a better nights’ sleep. Due to the tremendous changes in our industry over the past several years, I am compelled to write this blog in an attempt to eliminate the frustration, fear, confusion and disappointment people experience when selecting a new bed.

Some of these mattress industry changes are to the consumers benefit, however unfortunately, way too many are not. In this writing I will be exposing secrets the major players in the mattress business would rather you NOT know. I will give no names of companies or their executives, as it is not my aim to call out any particular entity.

My goal is to help you, the end consumer, to avoid making mistakes in purchasing a product that has a greater influence on your health, happiness, productivity, mood, and aging process that most people ever realize.

The mattress you sleep on is hands down the most important piece of furniture you will ever buy, and one of the most important purchase decisions people make.

The practical experience covering 4 decades of helping people resolve their sleep issues helps me to be successful in my efforts to dramatically improve my clients’ sleep. I want you to benefit from the many years I have spent researching which products actually do what the companies who make them claim they will do. I will also be exposing the products that are simply marketing gimmicks.

This series of blogs will be written over time, and each one will deal with a different issue involving sleep, health, and selecting the right mattress to resolve your particular individual sleep issues.

If you would like a personal consultation you can always reach me at our store, or set an appointment.

The first chapter will be called “Mattress Construction Quality – The Great Race to the Bottom”. Quality still exists, (it’s just harder to find these days), you just have to know where to look, and what you are looking at!

Until next time, sleep well. If your sleep needs improvement, hang in there! Help is on the way!

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