An Insiders Guide to Mattress Shopping

 Chapter 1

Mattress Construction Quality,
The Great Race to the Bottom

It seems these days most consumer products are being built with such poor quality that most everything has become disposable throw away trash. I realize that is a strong statement, but most people I visit with agree, and are not happy about it. Personally, I purchased a name brand stand-up freezer from a locally owned business, and in less that a year the compressor went out while I was away and ruined a half a beef, and over 30 pounds of Lake Michigan salmon fillets. When we returned home the whole house smelled like rotten fish. I bought the most expensive name brand push mower available at a big box home improvement store. In two years it had to be replaced 7 times because the shaft kept bending and the blades would knock against the mower deck. I later learned that this big box stores’ green mowers were not made in the states, the came from Asia and the shaft was made of molten scrap metal, not iron or hardened steel. At one point I asked the customer service desk if the company was aware of the issue, the response was, we just take them back and replace them. A lot of them!!

An employee of a major car manufacturer recently told me that he was told in a meeting that the company was making their vehicles last too long and that they were going to begin using cheaper materials so that they could sell more cars more often. I’m sure those of you reading this have many similar stories.

Whatever happened to honesty,
integrity and pride in a job well done?

In the race to be competitive on price, we seem to have to accept a cheaper is better philosophy. Whatever happened to “you get what you pay for”? Or if you buy it right the first time, you won’t have to replace it over and over again? There are entire generations of people in this country that don’t even know that quality products exist, or where to find them. People used to take their time and buy quality items as they could afford them. Now, it seems, people want everything right now all at once and are willing to accept inferior products in order to achieve that goal. They are willing to buy things sight unseen on blind trust over the internet basing their decisions reviews that can be easily skewed in favor of the sellers. They are happy with the price and the lightning fast delivery, but become dissatisfied quickly with what they bought. ( I want it all and I want it now! )


Products that are worth while are worth the wait, worth saving for. When it comes to your new bed, finding quality doesn’t even have to cost you more and will save you a bundle of money over time. A major mattress retailer has been on a mission to re-train the public on how long they should keep their mattress. They have spent many millions on advertising to do so.  People used to believe a mattress should last 15-20 years. They are telling you now that you should replace your mattress every 7-8 years.

WHY? Because they would not be able to maintain their business model of people who bought beds that lasted 20 years. They need you to have to come back again and again to support their thousands of stores.

There are wonderfully comfortable beds still made the old fashioned way that are constructed to last 25 years. With todays’ new technology mattress protectors you can keep a bed totally clean and free of skin flakes, dust created by dust mites, body oil, liquids and any other contaminants. So if it’s built well enough not to break down, there is no major reason you should have to replace your mattress every 7 years.

When I deliver a bed, I take away the old mattress. I am seeing 2 and 3 year old major name brand mattresses that are so caved in they look like you could fill the body impressions with a hose and make a fish tank out of them.

WHY? Because the components they use, the foam, the steel, the wood, the cloth is as much as 60 to 90 percent cheaper quality than what they used when I started my business in 1982.

At Bedland Mattress we have done away with all the major name brands and focus on independent manufacturers who still care enough to hold the line on quality construction. They don’t spend all their money advertising trying to convince you how good they are and playing off of reputations that were built decades ago before these companies were bought out and sold multiple times. They put their money into the construction of comfortable, quality built sleep products.

Bedland Mattress & Furniture located in Evansville, IN

If I asked you to name 5 major mattress brands, I am confident you would answer with the 5 companies with the largest advertising budgets. I assure you that there are others out there that make better products. Most manufacturers make a wide range of quality products at a wide range of prices.


However, dollar for dollar, the companies who spend less on advertising and put more into the materials they use to make their beds have better products at each price point.

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